About us

Allama Iqbal College of Physiotherapy is the institute established by Government of the Punjab, Affiliated with University of Health Sciences, Lahore.  It is part of Allama Iqbal Medical Complex, Shabbier Ahmed Usmani Road, Lahore. Attach with Jinnah Hospital Lahore for Practical Clinical Training. Four years B.Sc. (Hon’s) Physiotherapy is being conducted at Allama Iqbal College of Physiotherapy.  First batch of B.Sc. (Hon’s) Physiotherapy for the session 2007-11 was inducted in April 2008.Classes were started on 9th , April 2008. Government of The Punjab is very keen to enhance the opportunities of professional education and training for young students desire to join Medical & Health Sciences. A great importance is attached to this course which is a catalyst for positive change in “Health Care Delivery System” for the people.

Physiotherapy is an essential segment of modern health care delivery system- a science and art of healing which pertain to assessment of Musculoskeletal, Neurological, Cardio Vascular, Respiratory system, Peritoneal Pleural other cavities and organs, disorders of functions including “ Pain, Edema, physiological, Structural and those of Psychosomatic origin. A physiotherapist has to address Physical, Psychiatric and Social trauma through covering basic parameters of healing science i.e. Preventive, Promotive, Diagnostic, Rehabilitative and Curative.

Physiotherapist has to render the services for all walks of life “Hospitals, Clinics, Rehabilitation centers, Nursing homes, Mental health disorder management Centers, Sports, Teaching institutes, Offices, Industries etc.,”  

This modern age of super spatiality of the medical profession demands highly skilled physiotherapist. Allama Iqbal College of Physiotherapy took the responsibility to achieve the objective.

Allama Iqbal College of Physiotherapy is attached to Jinnah Hospital Lahore for Clinical practice. Jinnah Hospital Lahore is PMDC recognized teaching hospital having excellent training facilities.